Now currently in August, the planning of the halls and the outdoor area is underway and with it the sending of the stand confirmations and invoices. By downloading your invoice, you then unlock the ability to view  in the Exhibitor Service Portal to order additional services.


Here you will find all the necessary services such as

  • free advertising material
  • Parking tickets and exhibitor passes
  • Exhibitor invitations
  • Advertising space catalog
    Advertising space catalog JuA 2023
  • Stand cleaning, waste disposal and stand guarding
  • Electricity and water connection
  • Stand construction and rental furniture
  • Transport and logistics services
  • Permit forms e.g. the firearms exemption permit
  • Press releases

If there is any problem with your orders, please feel free to contact us at the known telephone numbers
or at jagdundangeln@agra-messe.de